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C.T.D - World Universal Center / 'Kingdom' Of Total Development
Tellusian World University Center of Total*Universal Culture, W.U.T.C (Wuni)
Akademia Etnokultura Transylvanica, EKTA

Sommer-Course in
and Choreology
in Transylvania,
Date: 05th - 12th of August 2020.
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Projects start in

holistical and multicultural
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World University-
Congress '2022'
Lund, Sweden, in the
leading-wisdom-sciences of the Worldunivesity in coollaboration with EKTA
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intrested of

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- the

Way to
on the

Did You hear
about the
group? It
was they
who created,
and applied
a totally
new and
Music and
Model on
the highest
level! (VM©)
But this
Model© is
available to
learn and
within the
of the World
Don't forget that the
Human Lifetime goes very
fast here on the Tellus!
But, You have the

possibility - Here

and Now - to
secure your, your
childrens' and
other relatives'
Lifelong true-human
education and
development - to realize
a high level of individual-
universal consciousness,
wisdom, harmonization,
integration and fulfillment
- Here and Now - in a
In this totalrealization

process culture, and
cultural creativity has a
leading roll, therwithin
the suitably created and
performated music and
dance can account as the
fastest universal-
development way.

to join the

World University
with it's


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Antal István, Andrásfalva,
Harghita county, Székelyföld/
Szekely-caunty, Transylvania,

Song, music and dance in the
kitchen. Play on the vilolin
Géza Csapai. Andrásfalva /
Andreeni, Transylvania.

The master Géza csapai with
it's Gábor János and Gábor Kálmán

Erik Petersen, violin (Stockholm),

János J. Tárkányi, 'contra/brács
(Sz-Udvarhely), Béla Fodor,
contrabas (Lund).

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'Akademia Etnokultura Transylvanica, EKTA

The Akademia 'ETNOKULTURA' - Transylvanica is an academic-foundation
and is oriented towards culture and science. It was legally
registered in 1994 in Odorheiu-Secuiesc / Székelyudvarhely,
Transylvania, Romania by Fodor Béla Adalbert - currently
swedesh citizen.
The foundation Ethnocultura was legally registerd in 1995 in Lund

(Sweden) too, together with the 'Internationella Institutet för
Tillämpad Total - Etno - Kultur, I.T'E.K/ International Institute for
Applied Total Ethno Culture (ITEK) and the Akademia ITEK'2001'/
International Academy of Total*Etno*Culturology, TEKIA as the
independent department from Romania of the World Universal Total

Development Center, C.T.D and The Tellusian World University Center Of
Total Universal Culture, T_WUTC.
The Foundation's priorities are the aid of the cultural-,
educational and
progress of humanity. To achieve these goals, the foundation
initiates and organizes
several cultural, educational and scientific
programms, with the aim of
preserving the cultural traditions, bringing
the ethnical cultures
closer to each other, preventing and facilitating
cultural blocades,
aiding the multiethnic harmonization and integration, researching, reestablishing and disseminating the cultural values.
Furthermore, one of the initial goals of the Foundation is the

establishment of institutional education on a new cultural and
scientific base, in addition to collaborate on its fields of activity with the governmental and nongovernmental or privateinstitutions, organisations,
firms or persons.
In the autumn of 1995 the first academical Departments

(Transylvanian and Swedish) of the Matherinstitution I.T'E.K,
coinciding in Transylvania with the establishment and succesful
commence of the FolkMusic and FolkDance Academy from
Székelyudvarhely were established. (The academy stated with more than
75 students, having its residence in the Educational
House from Székelyudvarhely).
The World Universal Total Development Center, C.T.D and the World
University Center,
(the 'ITEK University':I.T'E.K-, TEKIA & W.U.T.E.C.S.)
and within
this the transylvanian ETHNOCULTURE Academic Foundation
by its
formational and developmental process is closely related to the
transylvanian VENYIGE Dancehouse movement and to the
"VENYIGE" Folkmusic and Folkdance Group, both playing an important
role in
Transylvania. Furthermore the process of establishing and
extending the above
mentioned movement and group provided a period
rich in activity and experience,
with the cooperation on a cultural field
of hundreds, maybe
thousands of people with different ethnical origins
Transylvania and its regions, especially from the Székelyföld.
This process mainly contributed to the formation of the spiritual-

ideal ground and of the actual content and formal criteria of the
ITEK-University/ Wold University...
This was the period when the ideal and formal bases of the ITEK-
Academy were established, which could develop under the sign of
the VENYIGE Folkmusic and Folkdance Center in Székelyudvarhely
(1977-1978), the Artistic Folkschool and later by the municipal
Cultural House.
The Akademia EtnoKultura/ITEK-Transylvania was established

in Székelyudvarhely, the autumn of 1995 and was the first
transylvanian academy using Hungarian language.
The Folkdance and Folkmusic Academy from Székelyudvarhely was

established, as a part of I.T'E.K, with the participation of a great
number of Venyige Band members as organizers, leaders, teachers or
Although the above mentioned FolkDance and FolkMusic
from Székelyudvarhely, of the ETHNOCULTURE
functioning successfully for 3 years, due to the
lack of financial support,
came to an end (1998). From 1999 it
started to function again, in the
renewed form of distance learning
in the ITEK Academy & W.U.T.E.C.S
(within WUTC) and it
maintained its continuity, where internationally
anybody, who is
interested can continue or initiate studying and develop
himself -
with worldunique and special possibilities. (International
Music and
Dance Academy:
The Transylvanian ETHNOCULTURE Foundation & Academy is

represented and administered by a local, independent board of
trustees, which at the same time locally represents the I.T.E.K-, TEKIA & W.U.T.E.C.S. and participates in its international board.
The Akademia ETHNOCUTURA is an independent part/department

of the music and dancefolkloristic and culture centered Transylvanian
establishment of the 90´s due to a global perspective, it was further
developed to an international university center (with mainly distance
learning), representing the
Universal Cultural Sciences Academy and
the ITEK University.
So the ETHNOCULTURE Foundation and Academy (ITEK Academy)

is the first established part of the above mentioned I.T.E.K.-, TEKIA
& W.U.T.E.C.S. academical center and University.

As a result of Fodor B. Adalbert's multiethnocultural research and

activity, the gathered unique music and dancefolkloristic collection
and archive represents one of the Foundation's early achievements.
The founder donated a significant part of the collection and archive
to the established 'Akademia ETHNOCULTURA', and I.T'E.K-, TEKIA
& W.U.T.E.C.S, helped to fulfill the cultural, educational and scientific
goals of general interest.
(In hungarian - magyarul)
About the activity
Foundation and Academy
Foundation and Academy
together with I.T.E.K and other
associations organized and/or
founded different intercultural
programs, courses, seminars,
conferences having the priority
of establishing transylvanian
scientific relationships,
exchanges and other types of
programmes. (Read about
the programs above).
For more Information mail to:

worlduniversitycenter >>

Vetett ágy" /made bed from
Kalotaszentkirály, Kolozsvár/
Cluj-county, Transylvania.

VENYIGE in Lund, (Sw).
Venyige and the Forrás
Folkgroup from Lund.

The VENYIGE Folk group from

Székelyudvarhely had several
visits in Lund, during the ‘90s,
and made numerous folkmusic
and folkdance performances
(in many places in Sweden)
with the participation of the
Forrás Folkdancegroup,
Midnatts Choir, the Hungarian,
Romanian and other cultural
associations from Lund,
organized by the ITEK
Academy in cooperation with
the transylvanian Ethno-
culture Foundation and
Academy, furthermore the
Cultural Center of

The Cultural Programs
in MagyarAndrásfalva
At the residence of the
cultural programs where
organized year by year with
the scope of promoting and
bringing the local traditions
back to life. The main
happenings were: the
traditional May Festivals, balls,
dancehouse programs and
many others.
The folkmusical data was

archived and organised by
computer, as one of the
activities of the ITEK
Academy and Foundation,
with the coordination of Fodor
Béla from the regions of:
Gagyvize, az Udvarhelyszék,
Csík, Gyergyó, Gyimes and
other parts of Székelyföld and
The work had been done by
Bartha Ildikó and Fodor
Erzsébet (members of the
Pipacsok-Red Poppies dance
group) in between 1994 and
1995. So far, more than 500
pages of text transcipts had
been made, recorded in
between the ‘70s and the ‘80s,
from the (thousands of)
interwiews documenting
The work needs to be
Here you can find some of

the recorded interviews
about folkmusic and folk-
dance: Fazakas Dénes from
Siménfalva, Bíró Osváth and
his family, Fülöp József from
Énlaka, Antal Domokos and
Berta, Kapos Gáspár and Lina
from Kôrispatak, Szakál András from Küsmôd;
Barabás Gyula
and his band: SzentErzsébet,Balassi Sándor, Béni Dénes:Nyikó-SzentMihály; Simó Mihály from Farkaslaka,
Páffy Ferencz from Hodgya,
Fekete Kálmán from Bögöz
István Ernô and Etelka, Szôcs

Dezsô and Anna from Derzs
(Kányádszeg), Szabó Domokos, Szabó Irén,
Hátszegi Ráki, Orbán Berta
from Telakfalva, Majláth Gábor and band from Abásfalva,
Bálint Jenô and Viktória

Balla József, Balla Márton,

Oláh József from Gyergyújfalú,
Ivácsony Barát Ádám, Máthé
Vilmos from GyergyóRemete
Ambrus Fülöp Hosszú from

Gyimesközéplok, Salamáspatak,
Péter (Ambrus Anna) from

Balogh László and his wife 

from Csikszentdomokos,
Kozma Vincze from


 Summer-'DanceHouse' Camp with Courses in Andrásfalva, TRANSYLVANIA,
in Regional Ethno-Musicology and
(incl. Applied folkloristic):
• The Transylvanian multi-ethnic

music- and dance culture with
focusing on the 'Székelyföldi'
Folkmusic and Folkdances.
• Rural-holistical culture- and
tradition knowledge-acquiring
• Theoretical and practical folkmusic

- and folkdance-seminaries
• Folkmusik and Dance-creativity

• Applied life- and culture-
You have the possibility to enjoy
the free improvisative dancing and developing
of the holistical music
and dance-creativity.
"Dance House" every evening!
• Course-leader:Adalbert B. Fodor,
Ph.D (TCSc.)
• Date: 05th August - 12th of August 2022.
• Place: the village of Adrásfalva/

Andreeni, rural district: Avramesti /
Szent-Ábrahám; province: Harghita, Romania.
• Price: 300 euro/person (Board and

lodging are included).
NOTE. For the Worlduniversitystudents and
members it only costs
200 euro/person.

WELCOME to Andrásfalva!

Are You intrested? Contact the
Worlduniversitycen ter

Pálffy Ferenc, Hodgya, Harghita, Transylvania

Family Bíró Osváth, Enlaka

Géza Csapai from Gagy cantry, Harghita,
Székelyföld/ Szekely-country; Transylvania, Ro.

Improviastive folkdance. "Venyige" from

Access to the Academia
Ethnocultura/ITEK's unique multi-
ethno-cultural music and dance
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